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The ithlete uses heart rate variability to indicate when you should train hard, and when your body needs to rest and recover. A quick morning test on a mobile phone, iPad, or iPod touch can help you optimize your workouts.

Simon Wegerif

Simon Wegerif wanted a quick and simple heart rate variability measurement system for his own athletic training. Since he could not find one, he built one - the ithlete.

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Live celtic, classical and devotional harp music for any formal occasion.

Glenna and harp

Glenna Stewart is a harpist who performs in and around Regina, Saskatchewan.


"Cultivating Our Roots" - a book written to help anyone interested in the cultivation and restoration of native wildflowers and grasses.

Nora Stewart

Nora Stewart is well known among native plant enthusiasts for her work in growing our prairie plants and motivating others to appreciate and use them. After nearly fifteen years in the business, she has retired and with this book is passing on what she has learned about growing these plants.